As we prepare for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been checking out other successful Kickstarter Campaigns. The story of the Coolest Cooler is intriguing. Here’s why:

Every human being on this planet knows what it feels like to have a great idea—some of which are admittedly brilliant, even if we’re the only one who thinks so. At Imagine Camping, we believe the idea behind the Coolest Cooler falls into the category of pure genius! We also know, from experience, that turning genius ideas into tangible realities is a process that presents hurdles and roadblocks, some anticipated, others surprising. Putting together a crowd-funding campaign can be insanely fun and enormously satisfying to figure out along the way. We believe imagination—those ideas that feel inspired and the passion to see them through no matter the hurdles—is the foundation that is at the heart of every great product. And the Coolest Cooler is a great product!

Some have dubbed it the “Swiss army knife of outdoor equipment”, others a “party-in-a-cooler”, and one reviewer went so far as to call it the “ultimate all-in-one party cooler” created by the “cooler gods”.

So, what makes this unique item so cool?

  • It’s a one-stop shop that has every bell, whistle and desirable feature—like portable power, icy cold drinks, and the option for duo-speaker party tunes—that make it ideal for upping the ante of FUN for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The built-in blender is undeniably genius, especially if you ordered two; one to make frosty cold drinks for the kids and the other to make adult drinks with an added zing. Just don’t mix up the two!
  • The speaker is essential (and, yes, genius!) as what kind of party is it if there’s no hot tunes? A second speaker makes it even better and gets the party really rockin’!
  • The big, wide wheels are another essential feature (and also genius!) because this is a pretty hefty cooler, especially after it’s fully loaded with those crucial party beverages.
  • And, thanks to those aforementioned big, wide wheels, the cooler’s capacity is a very large 55 quarts (that’s 52 litres for us Canadians). This spacious volume is the perfect size for making cold beverages last throughout the day; after all, a good party isn’t over till the cooler is empty, and it takes a while to empty out the Coolest Cooler.

What a great idea it is to have a bottle opener with a top magnet, and how brilliant to have a ceramic knife and cutting board double as a cooler divider, and pure genius to have LED lights so that both hands are free and no flashlight is required when you need to find items in the dark. The cup holders, the luggage-style telescoping handle, the four built-in plates (a.k.a. Frisbees!), and the handy gear tie-down cords all fall into the awesome, brilliant, genius category.

Apparently, the Coolest Cooler will soon be on Amazon. The price is high, granted, but add up the cost of all these features, none of which come in a one-stop shop, and you would be spending as much or more without the convenience of having all the features in one place. We maintain that the Coolest Cooler really is the coolest cooler presently on the market. Perhaps you can’t afford one right at the moment? No problem. Find someone who owns a Coolest Cooler and become their friend!

Ultimately, we think that the Coolest Cooler’s superpower rests in the fact that it attracted over 62,000 backers on Kickstarter and exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $50,000; not by thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but by millions! There’s no getting around the fact that with this excessive crowd-funding success, the pressure to deliver a ton of Coolest Coolers in a short amount of time has dialed up the problems and the stress. The reviews about how the company is handling this are mixed, as would be expected. The long and short is that, had the Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Campaign resulted in meeting their goal of $50,000 rather than exceeding it so dramatically, the company would not be navigating their present challenges.

What we want to know is, would the founder, Ryan Grepper, wish for fewer Kickstarter backers? Would he wish that he had raised exactly $50,000 instead of exceeding his goal so drastically? We’re guessing not (but we’re totally open to hearing the answer from Ryan himself!). We’re guessing this whole experience and the astonishingly positive reception of the Coolest Cooler has fired him up so that he’s now generating more and better ideas for his future prototypes—and other camping gear, we hope—that, in the end, will up the ante of FUN in all our outdoor adventures! We applaud the team at Coolest Cooler for their tenacity, courage, and for their unwavering belief in a product that is pretty darn cool!

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