When it comes to camping, food is one of the things that can make or break the experience. Here’s what we think are the 4 best camping foods:

1. Hot dogs

Nothing says “camping food” like a hot dog on a roasting stick over a beautiful campfire. It’s a simple food, a childhood favourite, and a camping staple. Dress it up your hot dog by wrapping it in bacon or cheese before roasting it, or try cutting it uniquely for a fun effect — score a spiral from top to bottom for an twisted look, or cut the bottom half in quarters vertically to fashion a hot dog octopus. The grooves in our Fireside Fork ensure that those weiners won’t fall off your roasting stick!

2. Marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows not only gives you a delicious treat at the end of your efforts, but the act of roasting itself is part of the fun. Achieving the perfect doneness of a roasted marshmallow is a lesson in patience and technique, and can make for a great family campfire competition, or it can be a nearly meditative solo activity. The trick? Turn it quickly, and roast it near the fire’s glowing embers. Our Marshmallow Fork prevents marshmallows from falling or twisting as they roast.

3. Canned goods

Canned meals are a great camping food for both convenience and cleanup. If you’re car camping, you don’t have to worry about the weight of a can, and they’re easy to work with — just bring a can opener and a pot. Look for one-pot meals that the whole family will love such as beans and wieners and hearty soups.

4. Dehydrated meals

If your camping experience involves backpacking to your campsite, you want to look for foods that won’t weigh you down nor take up excess space in your pack. With dehydrated foods packaged specifically for camping, all you need is a pot and water. At a camping store such as Recreational Equipment, Inc (REI) or Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), you’ll find a dehydrated food section packed with a plethora of goodies from entrees like beef stew to desserts like blueberry cheesecake.

What’s your favourite camp food? We’d love to hear!

  • Imagine Camping