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“I had the opportunity the other weekend to try out the new Fireside Fork by Imagine Camping. Creator Randy Brouwer created this great roasting fork that would solve many of the complaints that many have with traditional roasting forks. When I first saw these, what drew me in the most was the ability for them to collapse and be stored in a sweet little case making them easy to store & transport, and also that no one gets poked when packing or carrying them. Next, I was intrigued by the marshmallow attachment. So many forks have prongs that are too far apart for marshmallows, and this one was perfect to fit one on and it didn’t so quickly fall off either.

I highly recommend upgrading your roasting forks to these! I’m loving how easy they are to use, store and transport, makes it much easier to pack up to go for a fire – right up my alley!”

I love using the Fireside Fork, the sliding handle is brilliant. The food doesn’t fall off the fork because of the bumps. And I love the compact case to store the forks in!
– Jane Trousdell

“We love using our Fireside Forks all year round. They are great for campfires, especially with kids! We haven’t lost a single marshmallow since using the Fireside Fork. Plus we use them on the BBQ to make kabobs!”
– Justine Ludwig

“We went to the Yukon on a road trip in June and we took with us our Fireside Forks all neatly packed in their casing. We also brought some for our daughter and son-in-law in Dawson City. First thing they did when they opened their present was to build a fire and we used our Fireside Forks for the first time all together. It was so much fun and everybody was amazed how light they are and how easy it was to cook with them. We are truly happy customers!”
– Lyse C.

You must try it to believe it. I always thought every hotdog stick was pretty equal until I met your fireside fork. Perfect food every time. With endless versatility.
– Sheldon H

“We have found the Fireside Forks to be well made, easy to use and clean. The combination of stainless steel forks and heat conducting aluminum shaft and wooden handles is a great safety feature. We particularly like the forward wooden handle that allows you to rotate the fork for a very even and effortless perfect hot dog. The two fork cased set is certainly the way to go. The multiple section shaft makes the forks very compact and well organized. In fact we bought one set for each of our children at the same time and they love them.”
– Joyce Boldt

“I love the using the fireside fork. The food doesn’t fall off because of the bumps. The sliding handle is brilliant, great safety feature. And I love the compact case to store them in.”
– Jane T.

The Fireside roasting Fork is the best I’ve found. I received one as a gift, and after using it once I ran out and bought two more. I feel like a pro every time I use it.
– Curtis S

“The fireside fork, rocks, I love how many hotdogs and marshmallows you can put on them at a single time. They always cook perfectly around because of the wooden swivelled handle, your constantly rotating it unconsciously because it’s so easy.”
– Jasmine H

“Ces fourches de rôtissage pour le camping sont géniales et d’excellentes qualités! Elles font le bonheur de bien des campeurs de tous les âges! Leurs jolis emballages de couleurs différentes font les meilleures cadeaux pour le temps des fêtes! N’hésitez surtout pas à la acheter!
– Lisette Bisson

“Fun, crisp & clean… the Fireside Fork travels well and is always ready. I love how you get to mess around with it, I love the flexibility and attachments. It’s instrumental in the process of outdoor cooking. It’s works well at the beach, but it shines at the campground. I love the novelty factor – that’s amazing cause I’m the antithesis of a gadget guy.”
– Andrew Ellis

“I love that the Fireside Fork packs up very small, and we can throw it into the cooler, or a small bag and head to the beach. My family lives near the beach, and we take our Fireside Fork with us every time we have a hot dog roast at the beach, or if we go out camping. I love how quickly the rod cools off, and especially how I can use the wooden handle to slide the hot dogs closer to put them on the bun.”
– Daniel Bouwers

Pure genius idea! It is not just a hot dog stick. It’s the future!”
– Braydon B.