S’mores are a campfire staple, and the go-to food for an outdoor adventure. Here’s how to roast the perfect s’more over an open flame in less than 5 minutes:

First, have the right ingredients on-hand:

  • 1 or 2 large chocolate bars
  • 1 bag of large marshmallows
  • 1 box of graham crackers

Next, gather the proper tools:

  • 1 Fireside Fork roasting stick
  • 1 Marshmallow Fork roasting accessory
  • 1 plate
  • 1 table knife

Finally, make those delicious s’mores:

  1. Break the graham crackers in half and lay them on the plate
  2. Lay chunks of chocolate on some of the plated graham crackers
  3. Attach your Marshmallow Fork to your Fireside Fork roasting stick
  4. Spear your Marshmallow Fork attachment with two or three marshmallows
  5. Slowly rotate the marshmallows over glowing coals or embers, or if you’ve got a roaring fire, hold your marshmallows on the outer edge of the flames, avoiding the high-heat areas that are yellow and orange
  6. Turn your marshmallows until they’re golden brown (this part takes practice, but luckily, you get to eat the marshmallows that are accidentally overcooked)
  7. Place the marshmallows directly onto the chocolate-covered graham crackers using either the knife or another graham cracker half to get the marshmallow off the roasting stick
  8. Cover the roasted marshmallows with one of the remaining graham cracker halves

Let the s’mores sit for a moment, if you’re able to resist! That couple of extra seconds allows lets the chocolate to melt even more and it allows the graham crackers to warm up ever so slightly.

Do you have a to-die-for s’mores recipe? Leave it in the comments below!

  • Imagine Camping