It’s been a while since we’ve done a blog so lets recap the last year so we can all be up to date.

  1. In Feb/Mar we launched our new logo and website which we are super thrilled about. We wanted a logo that stood out and told a story of what our company is about and a website that caught your eye with bright images and  was easy to navigate.
  2. We then stepped out of our comfort zone and made a Kickstarter campaign that ran for about 7 weeks in Mar/Apr. Still so new at knowing how all the media works we found out that we needed to make a lot more connections in order to reach our goal. It was definitely a team building experience that we will use to our advantage for future building blocks.
  3. Around the same time that all the decisions had to be made about our new look and our campaign, I was pregnant and had our third baby girl, Nora, on March 1. It was a busy time but we managed and got things done. It helps that we’re a family business where we can all step up and help each other out… and it didn’t hurt to be able to sit on the couch and still do my job. 😉
  4. In the middle of Apr. my dad, the genius inventor behind the Fireside Fork… Randy Brouwer, took a job opportunity to pay for all the bills that is needed to start up a new and growing business. Off he went to Panama for a month on and a month off. There have definitely been some ups and downs with that. Decision making delays, poor internet connections, miscommunications on orders and job requirements. But in the midst of it all we keep running our growing little company and make things work.
  5. If you have seen any posts on Facebook you will know that we have our forks in Canadian Tire stores on Vancouver Island and in the lower mainland for a year. In July, we were excited to receive our renewal contract to keep our products in the stores for another year. Meaning our Fireside Forks are a hit and are selling enough to make a mark and be noticed! How great is that?!? Now to figure out how to get them to other Canadian Tire stores across Canada?!
  6. Fall arrived and it was time to figure out what Christmas/retail shows we would go to. It’s always a tough decision to make figuring out which ones to attend and which ones to pass. This year we only decided to go to one show which was our biggest one yet. The Utah Retailers Show was a big chunk of cash and the show that was the farthest away. It’s too fresh to start talking about but keep you ear out for exciting news in the future.

Let’s just say that there has been a lot going on. But with that said we are excited to announce our newest additions to the Imagine Camping product line!! Meet the Basket Attachment and the portable Rotisserie Kit!!

Basket: A hinged basket that screws onto the end of the Fireside Fork for a fun and convenient way to cook other foods such as burgers, fish, steak, grilled cheese, french toast… the list goes on.

Rotisserie Kit: This takes your Fireside Fork and turns it into an easy to use rotisserie with the addition of any cordless drill. Put your choice of food on the fork and then place the end of the rod into a drill that you have. Adjust the speed to your liking and your spinning!

These have been a work in process for a while now but it has definitely paid off. We’re passionate about the quality of our products and want to make sure that we fix and glitches we see during the product design before we put them on the market for you to have.

Enjoy the warmer weather.


  • Janelle Klassen