When people think of campfire roasting sticks, they often think of venturing out into the woods to find a long, small branch. After a search that sometimes takes a while, you have to manually prep that stick for roasting by pulling off leaves, knots, and any other growths in order to bring that stick to a relatively smooth finish. The final step in prepping a natural roasting stick is to whittle the end of the stick with a knife until it forms a spear fit for loading your favourite foods.

The process of making your own roasting stick takes time and effort, and the result isn’t always perfect. A stick that’s too thin can bend or even break over the campfire. The food can slide off the end and into the flames. Young roasters can hurt their hands on the natural, unfinished wood.

Fortunately, inventor Randy Brouwer found the solution. Randy created the Fireside Fork – an adjustable, collapsible roasting stick complete with great features including:

  • A wooden handle: The Fireside Fork’s wooden handle makes it safe and easy for roasters of all ages to use.
  • Wooden slider: A second, sliding wooden handle lets you use two hands to grip your roasting stick, and it also lets you hold the stick closer to the prongs, making it easier to remove your food and to maneuver.
  • Aluminum stick: The Fireside Fork stick is made with a high-grade aluminum, which means it cools 15 times faster than other store-bought roasting sticks.
  • Easy to clean: The entire stick, and fork, is washable.
  • Collapsible and adjustable: The Fireside Fork comes with a base, two extension rods, and the fork attachment, so you can combine the pieces in a number of ways to create a roasting stick of different lengths, depending on your needs. You can even use just the base and fork to make kebobs on a BBQ that are safe to turn!

The next time you’re planning a camping trip, make it easy on yourself! Fireside Forks are a fun addition to any outdoor adventure.