There is no end to the FUN things to be done on your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a couple with a need for speed, or you both love soaring above the tree tops, here are a few ideas to get you started!

If you are a couple who love being on the water, try …


Kitesurfing is a water sport that combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and gymnastics. If that sounds like the exact combination of expertise that you and your partner excel at—or want to excel at—then kitesurfing is for you! The kite board is similar to a small surfboard; the kite, or sail, is large and generally very controllable. Kitesurfing has been a mainstream sport for the last decade, and some of the best spots for kitesurfing get you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’ve never tried this sport before,  start with lessons from a certified instructor, most of whom will provide a take-home video of your lesson for home review and to show off to your friends!

If you’re visiting Vancouver Island in British Columbia,head to Nitinat Lake for lessons with Strong Kiteboarding. If you’re near Vancouver, British Columbia, try out the Sea to Sky Kiteboarding for lessons and rentals. Many of your local areas will have kiteboarding groups, such as the Ontario Kiteboarding Association, which is very helpful for both beginners and experts. In the U.S., Surfer Today offers the best kiteboarding spots in California, or check out Great Lakes Kiteboarding in Michigan, which was the first kiteboarding school in that state.

Jet Boating

Simply put, jet boating offers high speed thrill rides on the water that will cause you to scream in delight. Jet boats are highly maneuverable and many can, from full speed, be reversed and brought to a stop within little more than their own length. The real fun comes because of the boat’s capacity to spin at high-speeds, which causes massive sprays of water when the boat cranks out a 360 degree turn, so be prepared to get wet. Jet boats are turbo powered and can reach speeds beyond 80 km an hour (50 miles an hour). This adventurous pastime is packed with fun, but you’ll likely need extra warm clothes, depending on your location, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen.

You could try jet boating with Riverjet in Squamish, British Columbia. When you’re not screaming at the speed of the turns, take a moment to enjoy the impressive scenery in British Columbia’s coastal mountains. Open all year round, this tour company takes visitors along the river to bald eagle nesting areas in remarkable estuaries where knowledgeable guides point out wildlife found in the Canadian wilderness, specifically eagles, black bears, harbour seals, beavers, and blue herons, to name a few.

Other options in Canada are Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours on the Niagara River, Jet Boating Montreal in Quebec, Hells Gate tours in British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon, or Kelowna Jets in the Okanagan Valley in Southern British Columbia. In the U.S., we recommend trying  the Moab Adventure Centre on the Colorado River, Jet Boat Adventure Tours in Florida, or the Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours based in Idaho.

If you are a couple who love playing in the snow, try …

Snowcat Skiing

If you’re a couple who love back-country skiing, but the price of a helicopter is too much for your budget, then perhaps snowcat skiing is an option that will work for you. The snowcat is a transport that brings 10 or 12 guests to deep powder areas, usually in under 30 minutes. The concept has been around for three decades and originated from the idea that a ski hill grooming machine would make an excellent transport for accessing the backcountry via snow roads. Upon reaching their destination, skiers and snowboarders follow a lead guide (with a tail guide bringing up the rear) down pristine, fresh powder mountain sides.

Check out Skeena Cat Skiing and Boarding, which is based out of Smithers in northern British Columbia, or Chic-Chac Catskiing in Quebec. In the U.S., try Pacific Crest Snowcats in Lake Tahoe, or Brundage Mountain Snow Cat Adventures in central Idaho.

Dog Mushing

Spending a day with a sled dog team has proven to be a popular outdoor adventure experience for couples. Dog mushing is more commonly known as sled dog racing, and is a uniquely Canadian way to explore winter wilderness areas. Most tourist oriented sled dog companies will give you the option of riding on the sled as a passenger or they will invite you to try your hand at mushing the team. If you’re curious about where the term ‘mush’ is derived, it comes from the French word ‘marche’, which means ‘to go’ or ‘to run’. Way back when, English Canadians turned this French word into ‘mush’, and mush it has been ever since.

In British Columbia, there is  dog sledding in Whistler, a favourite all-season destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re in the Alberta Rockies, try the Snowy Owl Tours based in Canmore, and in Quebec, contact Adventure Inukshuk. These companies also provide full disclosure of the care and lodging they provide to their dogs. In the U.S., there’s the White Mountains of New England for an excursion with Muddy Pay Sled Dog Kennels, or contact the folks at the Bigfork Dog Sledding team in Montana.

If neither of you are afraid of heights, try …

Hot Air Balloon Rides

The hot air balloon is a perfect outdoor adventure for the couple who loves soaring high above the earth. It’s surprisingly quiet (when the propane burners are not firing) and lacks a feeling of movement since you’re always moving in sync with the wind. The direction of the flight depends on the wind of course, but the altitude of the balloon can be controlled by changing the temperature of the air inside the envelope. If you love your experience in a hot air balloon, you may want to attend the largest hot air balloon festival which is hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico each year and features more than 750 hot air balloons. In addition to the amazing views and exceptionally breathtaking experience of a hot air balloon ride, the next best part is that, traditionally, every time a hot air balloon lands, champagne is served. A lesser known fact is that each hot air balloon flight has a chase crew that is on the ground on follows the balloon during the flight.

In Victoria, British Columbia, you can book your rides with Victoria Hot Air Balloon Rides, while in the Toronto area, you can book your adventure with Sundance Balloons.  In the U.S., book your couples adventure with Napa Valley Aloft, which has numerous launch sites, or enjoy the views as you soar over the Ozark Mountains in Missouri with Ozark Hot Air Balloon Rides.


What’s an edgewalk? It’s either sheer madness or the height of courage, depending on your perspective. That aside, if you and your spouse do not have a fear of heights—or perhaps want to get over your fear of heights—then you may want to consider making Toronto, Ontario your next outdoor adventure destination so that you can embark on an EdgeWalk at the CN Tower.

Ever since the CN Tower in Toronto began hosting this extreme attraction, it’s been a huge hit and has garnered massive attention. It consists of the world’s largest full circle, hands-free walk on a five-foot wide ledge encircling the top of the CN Tower’s main pod, 116 stories above the ground. Trained guides encourage participants to push themselves to their personal limits by leaning backwards over the ledge with nothing but air—and breathtaking views—between them and the ground that’s over 1000 feet below.

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