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Camping Essentials

Our campfire roasting sticks, attachments and accessories are made of the finest materials. They’re portable, washable, and have built-in safety features, perfect for any outdoor adventure from camping and hiking to fishing and mountaineering. Our star product, the Fireside Fork, is the #1 roasting stick for campfires in safety and convenience.

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    Basket Attachment Coming Soon!

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    Rotisserie Kit Coming Soon!

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    Single Fireside Fork


    This high-quality, versatile, durable roasting stick features a sliding wooden handle that gives you a better grip — now you can hold your roasting stick with two hands and safely adjust how close you get to the campfire. The Fireside Fork is made of high-grade aluminum, which means it cools 15 times faster than other roasting forks, and the prong attachment is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

    Try it with: Hot dogs, sausages, potatoes, eggs, biscuits, corn on the cob, sandwiches, kebobs

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    Double Fireside Fork Set with Case


    This zip-up carrying case comes with two complete Fireside Forks plus two Mini Forks. It’s available in three colours (black, blue, and green) and a camouflage print.

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    Single Fireside Fork and Mini Fork with Case


    This zip-up carrying case comes with one complete Fireside Fork and one Mini Fork. It’s available in three colours (black, blue, and green) and a camouflage print.

  • Fireside Fork Carry Case

    Carry Case


    This nylon carrying case has a zipper closure that lets the case open flat, showcasing up to two Fireside Forks plus two Marshmallow Forks. The Carry Case easily wipes clean, is dishwasher safe, and is a convenient way to store and carry your roasting sticks and campfire accessories.

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    Mini Fork Attachment


    This small, two-prong attachment is perfect for roasting bite-sized campfire foods, and its design prevents marshmallows from twisting and sliding down the skewer. The Mini Fork is dishwasher safe.

    Try it with: Marshmallows, bacon, shrimp, scallops, stuffed peppers, cherry tomatoes

  • Replacement Slider Handle

    Replacement Slider Handle

  • product-marshmallow-fork

    Replacement Mini Fork

  • Replacement Fireside Fork

    Replacement Fork

  • Replacement Handle & Slider

    Replacement Handle & Slider

  • Replacement Extension Rod

    Replacement Extension Rod